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We are working on the NEW trail at Laurel Hill Thursday May 6th for those who would like to help. Be at trail head ready to ride at 10am. This work will be done with our horses and will be slow. Bring lunch & drink, gloves, some type of clippers for small limbs etc.. We plan on being back at the trail head between 3-4pm. Please RSVP if you plan on joining us. My cell # is: 931-334-4399.
Blessings, Linda

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When is Williamsport Lake trails due to have a clean up??? We rode there on Friday and boy has it grown over with brush,there was a few places you could'nt even see the trails,there are some trees down over the trails ,so we had to trail blaze a little!!! Some of the pink marker's must be missing ...cause we had a hard time finding some trails!!! It is really pretty there and I would like to ride it again,but not till it's cleaned up a bit ....the ticks were horrible there,my poor gelding must've had almost 200 ticks on his legs when we got done!!!! I had 10 on me!!! YUCK!!! Let me know when you are going next time ,I would like to go with someone who could show me the trails!!! Thanks!!!
Audrey Williamsport Lakes has the worst tick problem I have seen! I do not ride or work on the trails there except Fall-Winter. We actually had a couple of work days there this past winter and Johnny Griggs worked several days on his own. The problem is we need TWRA to bushhog several areas for us. Also, that area is prone to storms and trees coming down. I will be happy to have a ride there later in the year, after tics are gone and show you the trails.
Blessings, Linda
We rode there last year in July and I don't remember any ticks. At the time we didn't know it was a place where they were really concentrated. I guess we sprayed for flies and bugs and maybe that helped for the ticks also. When we rode there in early April I did get ticks on me. I have recently put a spot fly/tick medicine on my horse and it helps greatly.


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