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The new Timber Ridge Water Fall trail is now officially opened, this is an absolutely gorgeous trail that ends at a spectacular water fall.  You ride through Beaver pass and end up at Timer Ridge Falls.

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Hope we get to come up before Thanksgiving. This looks like a great trail and I love to ride on new ones. I am an explorer at heart!


Beautiful trail to ride!  We loved walking down the stream to cross over.  We'll be back next year for more fabulous riding at Timber Ridge.

How many miles of trails is there that can be accessed directly from camp?  This waterfall is beautiful!


Hello Melinda,

there are three trail heads that leave our camp.  There is miles and miles of trails here, we had one group ride 40 miles in one day and still didnt get all the trails in.  The waterfall trail actually has 4 waterfalls on it.  We also just finished another trail in the big south fork which is loaded with scenery as well.  Come see us!!!


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