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New to site and would like to invite all the ladies to an event in MS how do I do that?

April 16-18 2010 there will be a bi-annual all ladies ride in Houston Mississippi at Sinkin Jim's Witch Dance Trails.  Any lady riders interested please let me know so I can give you all the details.  Have been going to these rides twice a year and a great time is had by all the ladies. Some husbands and boyfriends do come along at times to see how the west was really won and they are well tolerated by all.

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I would be interested in any and all information on that. Not sure if it will fit in my schedule, but sounds like a lot of fun. I have some friends who may also be interested. You can email me at melinda40@hughes.net if you like.
Hey Melinda yes the ride is alot of fun. The lady that started the ride is named Beckey and her number is 662 295 8002. Just tell her that Trish told you to call. Raven is my nickname so she only knows me as Trish. Anyway it is at Stinken Jims Witch Dance trails that is in Houson MS. The have a camp there that has hook ups, bath house, stalls covered or not. The lady that owns it, that is not Beckey she just uses the place for the ride, even has a couple of bunk houses and rooms in her beautiful log cabin that she rents out. Everyone gets there on Friday and brings a cover dish to share with eveyone. Beckey provides breakfasts and lunch and we eat left overs on Saturday night. We ride together or in seperate groups whatever is prefered along the trails of the Tombigbee National Forest that the camp backs up to. The fee of the ride is like $30 and that includes meals, a T-shirt and cowboy church. Lot of ladies come from Ala, MS, La and Ak. Please give her a call and she can give u the prices of hook ups, stalls and rooms if you need them. The prices are very affordable. I have done it twice a year for 2 years and always had a blast and have met some really great people. These ladies are a hoot believe me. Hope to meet you there.
Thanks for the info. Sounds like a lot of fun. I will definitely check it out.
Also, you could post this under 'Events'.
This sounds like a good time. Can you please send the details to my email serpatton@bellsouth.net. Then I can just forward it to several of my friends. How many ladies attended last year?


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