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hello everyone!! i need training tips on how to teach my horse to park out. i know its gonna take alot of time and patience but i need somewhere to start..any suggestions would be appreciated. thanx

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he will do it, just wont stay out long. maybe 30 seconds or so before he steps off. he s to busy looking around to get a good picture of him.he is very good with the left foot. all you have to do is touch that leg,but the right is a different story. you kinda have to help that one out,sometimes i have to go around and lift it up for him to step out. then he stands there.i think after awhile we will eventually get it. i really appreciate everyones helpful input.
I'm glad to hear that he's making progress, sounds like it's just a matter of time before he gets it. I have been following all of the replies to your original posting. It seems that you received some really good advice...it peaked my interest so now I'd like to do the same thing with my primary riding horse. Thanks for starting the dialogue!!

Cheers and happy trails,
mike,this is one pic i made while working with him.
Sweet! ...and were the braids helpful also ;-)
lol...we had just finished bathing him for our local country boy show.
Audra he looks like he is well on his way. Great job! Love his colores.
Looks like he's getting the idea! Good job there!
Hey Audra, so how did that "parking out" work out for you? What was the most helpful tip or advice that you received?
he will park out now.i just had to keep doing it over and over till he got it.i just used the tapping on the leg and pulling him up by his halter alittle. the leaning on the withers didnt work for me. i found everybody got alittle trick to do it.i would like to know how to teach more "tricks" to him if anybody knows any.


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