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Need suggestions for places to ride and camp in Big South Fork

What is your favorite, prettiest trail in Big South Fork?    


I am trying to find a place we have not yet ridden and want nice trails with lots to see.  I want water falls, views, or arches.    Where is the best place to horse camp and get access to these kinds of trails, and which trails should we try?


Thanks for any help!!

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Yah I'll plan on it, only 80 miles or so, easy enough to throw in a few things for me an my horse, tell my brother to keep the other horses fed and off I go. If someone tries to make me do something that weekend I'll just tell em I got previously laid plans.

I can handle driving just about anywhere, however there are places I seriously dislike driving, and a busy freeway is one of those places. Because it takes constant close attention to every move every vehicle makes within sight, several times while driving a car I've had to make fast moves to avoid a wreck. Last weekend I drove my dad up to visit relatives in Indiana, took the freeway up but coming home I did state and county roads most of the way, only took a couple extra hours but the scenery and ease of driving was worth it even with some of those really crooked roads in KY.

Don't let Bruce get me started, might have a hard time stopping. LOL! the electrons go to bumping into each other and weird things happen. I love trail riding but playing with fringe technology gets interesting too.

Good info shared here for you already. When the weather is hot my fav place to ride at BSF is the O&W railtrail. It is accessible most easily (IMO) from Zenith Horse Camp or, for day riders, from the Mill Creek Trailhead. ZHC's number is 931 879 5252. Tell them I sent you. Behind ZHC is one of my favorite hot weather rides as well. Called "The Sunday Ride" this trail system winds along a meandering creek, and comes up to Joe's Branch picnic area. It continues to Clear Fork past a rock shelter and lovely descent trail to that river. That ride is about 4 hrs. The O and W from Zenith Crossing is about 10 miles east one way to the bridge over the BSF river and <5m west to Mill Creek Trailhead.

Wherever you go at BSF, there's beauty everywhere here. Should you come to ZHC, e-mail me and I'll show you around. I live in the neighborhood. bsfruth@gmail.com Ruth
Photos of a fun time on The Sunday Ride from Zenith Horse Camp, BSF Tennessee
Ruth, we actually own a piece of property near there, in the White Oak subdivision. We camp on it. I may take you up on this offer! I want to camp at Honey Creek in Oct or Nov. How close are you to Honey Creek? Or would you suggest Zenith insead?
Another great place to ride with rock formations, small water falls and many water crossings is at Timber Ridge horse Campground on the Big South Fork. We have three trail heads that leave the camp with miles and miles of riding that includes the O & W railbed. We also have another trail being built in the Big South Fork which will add more miles of riding. Timber Ridge Horse Campground would love to have you!!!
Hey Nora, Didn't you ride with us on one of our first St Jude ride a few years ago? It seems like we rode down to N. White Oak Creek, and took pictures,. Isn't this you

Yep, that's me!!
If you really want to see some remote areas of the park, and some good riding, you should join our 4 day ride in September. 4 days, 80 miles, ride up into KY, cross the river at Blue Heron, and turn back south along the east side of the Big South Fork .
We have rode out there a couple of times when Yvette and Joe owned it. But I do want to go out and camp! You're on my list too, lol :)
Timberridge has been greatly improved under the new ownership. Very clean and awesome trails.
Timber Ridge is under new ownership. I encoiurage you to give it another try. Go to www.horsetraildirectory.com to see what the campers have to say about it now. The place has been cleaned up and is great. There have been several that said they would never come back, decided to give us a try and now it is there new home away from home. It truly is clean, well managed and the trails are great.
I can highly recommend Timber Ridge! We are going in October, the 15th-17th. Lee and Dee have done a wonderful job and go waaay out of their way to make you comfortable! We have 2 of their cabins reserved for that weekend, so if you wanna come without camping, you had better make a reservation now! lol


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