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I need to find some more weekday rider's, I like to ride during the week and usually have to be home by 3:15pm. I live in Pottsville, near Columbia. If interested please leave me a message on here. Thanks!

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OK see you there, we will be in a blue Chevy Silverado and a 4 horse living quarters trailer. Thanks

Hi Audrey;   Linda Ferree told me you're looking for some weekday riders.  I live in Chapel Hill and am available to ride weekdays.  I just purchased a new horse so we're new to each other but I plan to go riding at Boyd Nature Park Saturday with a friend.  Let me know when you'd like to go riding some time, either weekday or weekend.  I ride alot at Percy Warner, Percy Priest and Boyd, but am willing to give other places a try.  Just let me know.  Sandy

Hello Sandra, I ride at Fountain Creek, Laurel Hill and a few other places around. I'll let ya know when I plan on riding again. I want to ride at Sulphur Creek this Saturday. Thinking about Friday at Fountain Creek? Maybe Me,Marsha and you can ride together soon?

Make sure you wear something orange at Fountain Creek, this is a requirement to ride there during hunting season. Thanks!

Already planned to, we rode in orange back in Ohio, although it wasn't required. Thanks and see you then.

ok, see ya there

Hey Audrey, Getting ready to go brush up our horses soon. Looking rather cloudy, checked weather, they say 50% chance of rain. If you should happen to change your mind, I am giving you my cell number to call us. Its 740-310-1561. See you soon, Marsha

I'll be there, see ya in a bit!

Are you talking about Bowie Park ? I've ridden there a few times, it's a nice easy ride! Yes, you would need shoes at Fountain Creek. Hopefully we will ride together soon,Audrey

Where are all the weekday riders? I found a couple , but would like to have several more to ride with....I have several horses and need to ride often, to keep them in shape. So please let me know if you can ride some during the week.....I live close to Columbia. Thanks Ya'll!

Hey Audrey;

   I've been waiting for your reply.  I rode at Percy Priest last Friday and Bowie on Sunday.  My new horse is doing great on the trails.  She's small but has a "motor" that won't quit.  Larger horses have trouble keeping up with her walk.  The weather doesn't look too promising this week but when you're willing let me know.  I live in Chapel Hill.  Sandy

You could get me better if you email me at Audrey.rody@hotmail.com   I'm rarely on TTR. I wanted to ride tomorrow, but I already made plans to shop. We will get together one day. I like to ride a lot during the week. Later,Audrey


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