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My friend and I have been wanting to go to Normandy for a few months and can't seem to find any directions online that tell us how to get there. Can anyone provide us with directions and any useful information about the trail system? Thanks in advance.

By the way, we will be coming from Chapel Hill.

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Help someone, we have been wanting to go here for a while!!
This is the best day ride I've found! You'll love it! Have you been yet? I don't know how to get there from Chapel Hill, but I can hook you up with someone who does. (I live towards Woodbury). Just let me know if you still need directions.
Thanks so much for the directions. Lots of people could kind of tell us, but you are the only one who actually could tell us the street names.
I have not done the Wartrace ride, but have been hearing about it. I will try to get there if possible.
Have not been out to Normandy yet. My trail riding buddy is not available right now and I want to wait until she can go since we have both been wanting to check it out.
Ahh, Thanks for the info. I've been by there several times and seen all the horse trailers and wondered what was the event. Thought it might be place for trail ridin.


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