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Navicular syndrom, should I do the nerve cutting on my horse?

My horse has navicular syndrom in one of his feet and the navicular bursa shots aren't working very well for him. I'm told the next step is cutting the nerve to the bad foot and my question is what wisdom can any of you share with me on this procedure? I'm a little apprehensive about having it done. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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Nerving a navicuar horse does stop the heel pain.Sometimes the nerve grows back. Natural trimming never worked for horses I was involved with. Cobra venom injections will help,but they need to be done every couple of months also. Nerving is a simple procedure, they make a small incision,locate the nerve strech it out and snip it. A couple stitches and bandage and it's done. Immediate pain relief.
Why not try pulling shoes with a good barefoot trimmer and see what happens? A pasture trim is NOT the same thing. If your farrier was not comfortable going barefoot chances are his trim was not appropriate. You will also have to commit to some changes as well-no sweet feed, exercising your horse, trimming on a frequent basis, booting if he needs it. Give this a try for a few months and if no improvement and you still want to nerve him, it won't hurt to wait and you may be pleasantly surprised to see him improve.
Linda - Did you notice that Jim Apple said that he could help your horse?????? You need to give him a call before you cut the nerve. What can it hurt?

Darlene - I'm glad that you finally pulled the shoes on your guy. Didn't it go as I said? Of course I don't try to ride my old girl any more. She has been a lot happier in her retirement these past years than she would have been if I had left her in those awful egg bars with contracted heels and thrush!!!
I did notice that Jim said he could help Deuce. I have been doing a lot of research and reading on these things and get so overwhelmed!!! I believe I will look into the barefoot trimming and give it a try. I hate to do something so drastic as cutting Deuces nerve but I can't have him in pain either. He did get worse since I've had his shoes pulled and he's off the wedges but I will look for a barefoot trimmer in my area. I hope Jim covers Hohenwald!
Thanks... Linda
Jim rode him in boots mins after pulling his shoes it was unbelievable his conformation was differant
he wanted to go I have pics on my page and video Im gonna try to post ,of course I use boots on rocky
ground. Ihave ridden him several times once he was sore but not bad. I haven't ridden him but about
4 or5 times in the past 3 years


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