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Navicular syndrom, should I do the nerve cutting on my horse?

My horse has navicular syndrom in one of his feet and the navicular bursa shots aren't working very well for him. I'm told the next step is cutting the nerve to the bad foot and my question is what wisdom can any of you share with me on this procedure? I'm a little apprehensive about having it done. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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How are you tending to this horses feet? look up pete ramey on google. His work has done wonders with foundered horses.
Thanks, I will. He is on wedges, although I had them pulled to try the natural foot aproach and he got worse, and has been at rest for a little over a year. The shots are only working for 2 months. I take him to Dr. Matt @ Tennessee Equine Hospital in Thompson Station, Tn.
Don't do it........... is your horse in corrective shoes? My horse was dx with navicular syndrome 4 years ago over the past 4 years have been heck . we showed in Dressage for 2 years and he started limping (a little down hill from that point. He had other issues like multiple abscesses ,contracted heels he was put in egg bar shoes with wedge pads and I just couldn't ride him he was still lame in shoes his shoulders up he's just not looked well for 4 years I found this web site back in Oct or Nov studied alot about navicular talked to alot of vets and farriers no luck
till I read Jim Apple's comments I don't know where you live but look at his comments i decided since the last thing I could do was denerving The one thing I haven't done is try barefoot OMG!!!!! finally after thinking and worrying for months I did it . I soaked his feet in vinegar for a couple a months changed his diet started him on Equipride and called Jim he's only been barefoot for 2an half weeks he's fine happy and I can ride him he's completely different horse I think I can show again next year I know it's only been 2 weeks but he's changed so much the sad thing is I don't think he ever had navicular syndrome I think it was just thrush the whole time
Darlene Harris
Thank you for your response, unfortunatly Deuce, my horse, does have navicular in the one foot. I had read an article about removing the shoes on these horses to engage the use of the frog so I had his shoes pulled but he got worse. However are you saying the vinegar kills thrush? That's great.
I have a good farrier and he does corrective shoeing, but he wasn't confident when Iasked him to pull the shoes cause I wanted to try natural footing. I have only been into the horse world for three years so I am totally out of my comfort zone in deciding how to best deal with these major decisions. But I love my horse very much and want to what's best for him. I appreciate all of your wisdom. Do you know anything about the nerve cutting procedure results, either pro or con?
Jim here!

Not sure I can help Linda at this point, wish I could.......

The horse on the other hand, I could help!
Investigate Dr Dan's Red Cal mineral supplement, I think he said it would heal navicular.
Another hoof supplement is 'power horse' investigat that one too, it's good for healing founder.
Equipride is also good top dressing. and get off sweet feed
Where are you located? How far from Hohenwald are you?
Im in williamson co. not real far
My horse was dx with navicular also worse on his left.
my horse had x rays 1 year after he was Dx with navicular then they decided he
might not have it. x rays are hard to confirm Dx a sound horse can have x rays
that look bad . He also went thru the injections for a couple of years that would
only mask the problem Denerving was the last thing I wanted to here so I decided
to call Jim he's lame in shoes so if his lame barefoot I could except that. At least
he would not be "jacked up" in shoes and wedges. so now he's happy I'm beside
myself that 4 years went by leaving him in pain every day. I was written all aver his
face the whole time
Hey Linda
vinegar does kill thrush but you have to soak his feet for 20 to 30 mins a day for about a week
then weekly I use Davis soak boots and an egg timer. I use the 30 mins to groom brush mane and tail scratch all the itchy spots and give him a few treats he loves......... foot soaking time
you could call me if you like
here's my personal e mail and we could exchange numbers


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