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Can anyone tell me about the riding at Natchez Trace State Park? I found info about the campground on Tn State Parks website, but would like to know someone that has experienced it. Thanks for any info.

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They have nice trails, just a muddy mess when its rained at all. There are a few wooden bridges to cross, a few creeks that are sand or mud, not rock bottom if you aren't familar with the west area. There are several gravel roads you can ride. Campgrounds are nice, they do fill up early on holiday weekends though. Trails vary, some can be real easy, some more difficult, nothing too challenging. Anything specific you want to know?

can you name one of the town close to this park? I'm trying to locate it on a map. thanks


The closest bigger town nearby is Lexington. 

Julie is right, west TN land is nothing like any other area, but Natchez Trace is a nice place for a weekend. Some of the trails are really wide and easy, but there are also some very narrow paths that are challenging. The only big problem is that when the weather is nice, it's nice for everyone, and that includes people with atvs. Generally, the atv people will pull over when we go by, but not always, and that can scare the pants off the horses.

Another perk is that the barn there rents stalls by the day. We don't have a trailer with living quarters, so we will rent a cheap cabin or set up tents and stall the horses.

Most of the equine trails do not allow ATVs, but the park can get very crowded like mentioned.

I live abut 6 miles from the park and ride there frequently.  Some trails have very good footing (no shoes required) and others def need shoes. 

We are hosting an ACTHA competitive trail challenge at Natchez April 9th.  This is the first time this organization is coming to west TN so might be a good opportunity for you to ride with a small group and explore some of the trails at Natchez - we would love to have you join us.

you can email me at info@pintopaso.com 

This is the first and so far only TN trail I have been on. I find it to be a very easy winding trail. You do cross the road Alot though. Be prepared for creeks and logs! But its very nice and quiet and pretty through the woods! 

We didnt camp, we were at a day ride only area.....


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