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I heard that there is a ride on the Natchez this weekend however I can't find out anything anyone know the details

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I haven't heard anything either, but heck make your own plans! I am sure there are folks (like me!) that haven't been able to get out and enjoy the fall color yet. I had to cancel my Timber Ridge trip due to my father going into the hospital. I am really overdue for some equine therapy! I could go Sunday...anyone else up for it? Come on...you know you want to go!
I'm going to Pennyrile State Park tomorrow they also have a ride coming up Nov 13
Check out West KY women on the Edge at pennyrile state park they have a ride set up for Nov 13th
sounds like fun
I would love to go but I have 4 more horse blankets that I have to get repaired to go back to owners by Saturday. Where is Pennyrile state park?
Pennyrile State Park is about 15 miles North west of Hopkinsville Ky The link is hard to find but go to www.Pennyrilestate Park .com look for the link to Horse trails the pictures are great I'll let you know how it is when I return tomorrow night.
Oh you just had to rub it in didn't ya! lol Ride safe!


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