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Is there a horse/mule back rescue team in our area ?????

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I have been trying to find one in East TN as well.  I can't find any information.


By rescue team what exactly are you talking about?  A team who rescue's horses, or a group that does search and rescue by horseback?
A search & rescue by horseback.
I am interested in joining one. A horse can cover a lot of ground. They are also very aware of anything out of the ordinary. This may have been helpful searching for Holly Bobo in west TN. I spoke to our local sheriff and was was told to contact the TBI about helping out. If one does not exist, want to start one?  Want me to start one?

I agree and a friend of mine does search and rescue with her dogs in Ky.  It is awesome to see them at work and she has even travelled out of state on rescues.  I know in AZ they have mounted posse's that do a lot of search and rescue since the terrain is so rugged there.  I had always wondered why Ky didn't also utilize the same thing in addition to using the dog search teams.


That was sad about the girl in West TN and I was so hoping they'd find her.

I would be very interested in joining one.  Please let me know what you find out or if you decide to organize.  If you need any help, contact me.



I will ... Thanks !!!!
Absolutly .... I'll see what I can do also. Our town just built a 60 million $ police hall. Surely they would allow an additional dept to honor their shrine.... Keep in touch.

I would also be interested in joining. I have a horse that would be perfect for this type of work.


I would be interested if you find something out. Please let me know. I know some more people that may join, if a search and rescue team was organized.
my daughter and I would love to be part af a rescue team,let us know
So far the only responses I have gotten is, that the local law enforcement contacts "Good Ole Boys" to help. Not what I want to hear.... I'm going to get in touch with someone that will give this serious consideration... Mean while, see what you can find out toooooooo!!!


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