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Is there a horse/mule back rescue team in our area ?????

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I contacted Tennessee Emergency Rescue and Recovery Association http://trustterra.org/.  They do not use horses, but said they would consider it provided that FEMA training, crime prevention, training, etc. has been accomplished.  They said they thought someone name Guillum in Nolensville is looking to start one. 

I found a few standards such as http://www.astm.org/Standards/F2794.htm.  States such as Virgina have published their testing standards http://www.vasarco.net/VASARCO/Standards/EquineStandardsFinal2006.pdf to allow participation in search efforts. 

It looks like most of the organizations that I am finding are setup as non-profit with liability coverage of at least $1million.  I don't know if all of this is necessary or not, just reporting back what I am finding.

I do think at a minimum we would need a way to only deploy skilled horsemen (women) so as not to create another search and rescue effort, if you know what I mean.  Basic map skills and search sector management would also be important.  I would like to be able to get this going without setting up a company for it; even if we piggyback on one that is already operating.  I hope there is a simple way to get started with training.

If you need a facility to facilitate training, Timber Ridge Horse Campground would be happy to help!!


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