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My husband and I just spent 4 super nice nights at Many Cedars.  This was our first time there in two years.  It was SO peaceful.  The geese were busy on the lake and the deer came out to graze in the evenings.  We forgot how much we LOVE this place..... the campground AND the trails. 

The new owners seem very nice and were working hard the entire time we were there, making improvements (painting, raking and blowing leaves, etc.).  The prices are VERY competitive with other camps and the facilities are better than some.

We only rode 2 days and didn't ride all of the trails, but we did see where some logging had been done.  From what we saw, the affected trails have been re-done (maybe slightly re-routed), but are still very nice trails.

If you have not been, please go.  If you have been, and enjoy it as much as we do, please go back.  Let's support these folks so they can keep Many Cedars going.  Not everyone likes change, but change can be a good thing, and is certainly expected when new people take over. 


Check them out.

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We are planning on going sometime in April while Laurel Hill is closed. Thanks for the update/review!

You are very welcome.  Hope you have a great time.  We still have not been to Laurel Hill.  We have got to try that sometime.  Have you checked into Rock Bridge yet?  We drove over to check it out.  Campground and barns are nice.  Pictures from trails are beautiful.  We hope to try them sometime this year.

Hi Melinda, I just read your comment and I would like to say that we have ridden Rock Bridge and loved it. We are going back next week for a three day camp trip. Check out the canyon campsites

also, staying there will get you on the best trails a little quicker. Happy trails!

Thank you.


I love Rock Bridge also....trails are absolutely stunning!


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