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Rode this week-end and met the NEW owners...they are doing an awesome job!!! Trails were great and planning on riding there again on Wed. Please give them a chance and book a ride there soon. They seem to be very nice and have really fixed up the camp, everything was beautiful!!!

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I rode there both days this weekend too. I love the trails and I think they have the prettiest camp ground around. I am not a fan of the new check in and check out times.  The check in time for a camp site is 2:00 pm. If you get there earlier, you pay extra. If you check in at or after 2: pm, you don't have time to get a good ride in. Check out time is 11:00, so if you want to ride before leaving, you either pay extra or move your trailer to the day parking area. If you brought extra horses or a pet, that doesn't work.

We were told if you camped and wanted to park in the day ride area, you still had to be out by 2pm.  To get one good day of riding you will have to pay for 2 nights camping.  This saddens me, such a nice place to ride, we used to camp several times though out the year.  Not anymore, we will be camping, just not there.  May do some day riding, but even with Many Cedars being so close to us it will cost more to camp there than it will to go to Seven Springs or Rock Bridge, that is even count in the cost of gas.  So  sad.

If you arrive early you only have to pay $10.00 which is not bad and if you want to stay on your campsite you only pay $5.00 each person. We rode there this past weekend and had no problem.

we love to camp and ride at Many Cedars. we have been riding there since it opened  ..I will continue to go but not as often as we have in the past .  and I will agree the campground is being  very well maintained... but you have a very specific check in and out time like they have set up you end up sitting in a long long line to get checked in and then it takes a another long long time to get checked in ,then again if you don't get up very very early to get out everyone is leaving at the same time and the line to just out of the campground is long.. and when its hot I don't like my horse standing on hot not moving trailer for a hour or so just trying to get in or out. its still one of the best places ever to ride and camp ,but some of the fun an relaxation have been taken out of if... we are going more often to Circle E and will go there more.. its just easier and more relaxed ... and that's why we go camping.

I wonder why they are being such sticklers about this.  It doesn't make sense to me and will affect my travels there also.

Many Cedars will be open this weekend but the new people plan to call it quits and leave on Monday.  They put a lot of work into trying to make a go of it. I hope the check in and out times will revert to what it was before.


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