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Does anyone know what is going on with Many Cedars AGAIN....does anyone know the OWNERS.....it seems this is an on again off again mess with the place....is it being sold soon?? Will new owners keep it open???

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Go to the Many Cedars Campground facebook page, Toni has posted about what is happening.  It is not know yet if it will be reopened as a horse camp.  We can only pray that it will.

i had  seen what she posted but it doesn't make sense  since in January she posted they had a contract to run it this yr. Also I dont see how legally they can give them a 2 week notice to vacate since TN  law says other wise.....something seems wrong......how can  we find who the owners are and see about plans for the remainder of the yr????

I don't know about the new owners maybe we will find out soon.  It seems Toni did not have a contract for this year, the contract she had ended back in Dec 2012.

guess its a wait and see now.

One of our favorite places.  Can't say I blame someone for wanting it to themselves, but sure hate to lose it as a possible camping place.


We rode there last weekend, so it was still open.  Toni will keep it open as long as she can, some

legal issues going on.  I would just call first before I made the drive there.

Drove up to Many Cedars today.  They are still open.  Apparently, the supposed sale did not go through.  Think we will give it another try soon.  Been too long since we were there.


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