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I'm trying to get my horse, Chester's mane to grow out but it just won't.
I've tried braiding it, thrown away all my combs and use showsheen on it and carefully undo the knots in it before brushing it.
I'm just frustrated so I thought I would ask some fellow horse lovers for advice.
thanks so much and happy trails.
-Kayla Baxter

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I actually have already bought the book.
it works wonderful :) it completely explains everything
and I've actually got results. so i recommend it 100% :)
what was the name of the book??
here is the website.
I think its called Fairytale Horse.
the only bad thing is it is an E book, but I've seen results so I'm happy with it. lol

What I have found for their mane and tails is MSM. It grows beautiful hair. I have to cut Eli's hair every month, usually about 6 inches. MSM is also great for their hooves. It takes a little bit to get it going but once your horse has been on it awhile, you will notice the change.
what is msm? more info on that please
MSM is for inflamation and pain in horses with arthritis. It is a powder like supplement.


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