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I'm trying to get my horse, Chester's mane to grow out but it just won't.
I've tried braiding it, thrown away all my combs and use showsheen on it and carefully undo the knots in it before brushing it.
I'm just frustrated so I thought I would ask some fellow horse lovers for advice.
thanks so much and happy trails.
-Kayla Baxter

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If you have really bad matted hair in the tail, I have found that WD40 works wonders. I was helping out a friend with a horse that had been out in the field for a long time. When he came into the barn, his tail was mostly a big mat with a little hair hanging loose. It took 5 days, working on his tail for 30-45 minutes per day of spraying the WD40, and picking the knots out starting at the end and working my way slowly back. His mane was also bad so I worked at the mane till he tired of that then worked on the tail. Before I started the detailed work on his mane and tail, we gave him a good scrubby bath and used creme rinse on the finish...the leave it in kind.
MTG, does work, and a good bathing once every couple of months does help too....when you are done bathing with your soap of choice, make sure you do conditoner on the mane and tail, rinse, then spray your detangler in the mane and tail, brush from the bottom up, this seems to not pull so much hair out!
I have found out when you use the MTG, take a wide toothed comb seperate the sections at the root poor a small amount on and massage in. It does have a strong smell so you might want to wear some medical gloves, it has a smoke smell, which I don't really care for and it takes several washing to get the smell off my hands, and it does say to wear gloves when using it. I suppose it does absorb into the skin,,,duh!! "Big red truck" (sorry that is a punch line from a joke I heard) But MTG is great, my horses manes and tails are long and full, and a good worming schedule helps the maintance of the horse in general. IT REALLY WORKS....
OH and forgot to tell you, use a human brush on their mane and tail, one that has rubber teeth in it, the ones they sell for horses in the tack stores really pull the hair out...
I see A LOT folks recommending MTG and I've heard great things about it, but I tried it on one of our horses and not only did it not seem to work, but it gets really HOT to the touch! My horse didn't like it at all. I went through 2 bottles, so I figured I gave it a good shot. Could I have done it wrong? Too often? I followed the directions on the bottle. We have 4 horses all on the same pasture....2 have manes past their necks and tails to the ground; 2 have short manes but adequate tails. I think that other person was right about it being genetic! Look at a Fresian! You never see then with short/fine manes or tails!
If you DO try the MTG, I'd like to know your experience. Like I said, I've heard great things about it....but it just didn't work for me.
I haven't seen these mentioned....but the new Oster brushes (the round ones with the big teeth) are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!! Squirt some Showsheen or Mane & Tail Detangler on the mane and tail and that brush goes through it like a hot knife through butter with minimal hair loss. If you start at the bottom and work your way up, I'd guess all that comes out are the dead hairs, anyway! Best $10.00 I ever spent on a grooming tool! I groom all mine twice weekly and they are at pasture 24/7, and they don't even get too bad when they roll in the mud! I can't imagine NOT using this method ever again. I just can't say enough good things about it!And if anyone has used the other Oster brushes (the one I described is the only one I have), I'd like to know if they are that great, too! I just may splurge for the whole set!
We have had great luck with biotin supplements, combined with using the cheap hair relaxer from Wal-Mart,(the stuff in the blue can, Afro-Sheen type stuff), it has vitamin E, & seems to keep the hair strong & flexible. The biotin we use is Super Show Coat, but any biotin product will promote mane, tail, & hoof growth. Nutrition is key!!!
Hi Kayla,
I don't know for sure but I hear that "Mane & Tail" could work.
You could try M.T.G. You can find this at TSC.
thanks for all the help everyone. :)
I'm noticing quite a difference in Chester's mane and tail.
not only with the length but with the quality.
his hair seems so much for conditioned and soft.
I'll try to take a picture soon and keep everyone updated.
-again thanks for all the help. :)
What did you decide to try that is working so well?
Bacon Grease is good for making the mane and tail grow. Yea sounds a lil crazy but it works.
i recently read an article about mane and tail growth. I believe the author was Cherry. But she said wash your horse first, trim mane and tail. Condition with leave on conditioner and leave in for winter. I have never tried this, so I don't know how it works. I do have a three year old that pulled almost all her tail out this summer on something though, so I totally trimmed her tail straight across about and month ago, and I can't believe how much it has grown in just a month. Before hand, I had done nothing when she pulled it out, and it didn't grow either. So at least the total trimming part does work.


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