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Just returned from camping and riding the trails of the Mammoth Cave National Park. This may be the best riding I have ever experienced. There are many different trails to ride from easy to difficult.The McCoy Hollow trail is a scenic,challenging ride that I will never forget,the narrow high bluff trail runs along above the Green River. Just make sure you start out early and take your good horse.The campground awesome, stables,bath house and campsites are all nice! Would reccomend this place, and will be making a return trip there for sure!

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We thought it was the worst place we had ever been.  Muddy, MUDDY TRAILS. That wet prong trail had us in mud up to our hocks.  Only two trails out of camp. and no real good loop unless you ride for 9 hours and hit the good trails on the north side of the park.  The people we were with did not want to ride for 9 hours nor did I.  They need to make more trails where you can make more and better loops and avoid ALL THAT MUD!  The campground was nice and dog friendly which is very important to me in a campground.
I think they must have made trails around the mud since you were there. The wet prong was dry and looked newly cut when we were there. we encountered very little if any mud at all and it rained most of the day before we rode. The MCCoy trail was long and tenious but well worth it. We may not do it again soon but are happy that we rode it.  we dont ride that long all the time but found it to be worth it on that day.
I love it too! We have ridden all the trails except for that one. I love that they are long! I do endurance ridding and its nice not to have loop a few trails to get miles. I love that they are single track. I like difficult trails, makes it more interesting! I recommend the Double JJ campground too. Nice trail head.


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