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We are going to Mammoth Cave, Ky.  Has anybody been there?  Any suggestions?  Thanks a bunch!

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We went there last year and had a great time,we stayed at Mammoth Cave horse camp. This camp is fairly new,great campsites and very nice stables.Some of the other camps around there are very small actually set up beside homes with not so great facilities. We drove to a few of them while we were there,one was down a narrow paved driveway that would be hard to take a large rig down.You could see where trailers had ran off the pavement and dragged trying to get around the curves. Also the stables where made of bull panels,something I'm not to crazy about.One day we took the McCoy Hollow trail,16 miles long, very senic, narrow in some places along the Green River,possibly the best trail we have ever taken anywhere! We will be making a return trip for sure! Happy Trails!

Thank you so much for the info.  We are very excited.  Sounds great!

How well are the trails marked? Are they especially rocky or challenging? Thanks for the info!

I've been once. The trails are well marked, easy, and manicured. I wouldn't consider it rocky compared to Shawnee and some other places. Pretty woods, but nothing breathtaking like you see at Big South Fork. I stayed at Double J Campground and it's down a long narrow drive...didn't have any problems, and they will hold up out going traffic if you call before entering. Double J is one of the cleanest campgrounds I've ever stayed, and the owners were very accommodating. They do have covered corral panels, and it's probably the same campground the Rosson's are referring to. A trail head ajoins the campground. If you like challenging trails, Mammoth Cave isn't the place or vice versa.


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