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Please can anyone help me called the vet said it was allergies and he had rubbed the hair around both of his eyes off sold me drops with steroids and antibotic in them that has been since march 17 and then someone told me to put baking grease tried that and even tried vetercycin hair is coming back a little not much does anyone have any suggestions this is driving me crazy am i just being to inpatient does it usually take this long for hair to grow back or is there something better i could be using around his eyes attached is a picture of his eyes please can someone help



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this has never happened in the four years that i have had him the only thing that changed was the hay but this had started before the new hay he was in a stressful sitation where one of the other boarders was lungeing him pretty hard in the cold and the vet said this might have caused the hair loss but was still sure it was some type of allergy all i know is it is driving me crazy
bacon grease, not baking grease. Also you can put a fly mask to keep him or her from rubbing the eyes. only put it on the bottom of the eye because anything on the top of the eye will run into the eye.
thanks robin sorry i work nights and mis typed it is bacon grease that i have been putting on him thanks i didnt think of the fly mask i will try that and see if that will work
Yes, that looks like some kind of an allergy. Hydrocordisone cream you get from the drugstore should work, mixed with the bacon grease on the bottom lid should work.


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