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Everyone, I am asking for your help in watching out for a red leopard appaloosa mare to come through a sale or be on a sale site. This mare took off from me while i was taking her to the creek for a drink. She trotted off and never looked back. I didnt worry at first because what horse will leave the herd right? but she hasnt returned and noone has called in answer to notices on radio etc. noone has seen her and she didnt leave any poop on the trail out from my land. she is NOT trained to ride! she is marked with lots of good size dark red round spots over her entire body and she has a long thick white mane and tail.  thanks

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if you have any pictures of her that would help.......

Thanks everyone who looked for her or prayed for her and me and responded to me. At last! Ihave her back in the barn! She roamed free in an area near my home all this time but today i was able to halter her and lead her home.  thanks again Patty B

That IS a happy ending!! Glad to hear she is home safe and sound.



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