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Looking for Walker Saddle, and have many saddles for sale

I'm looking to buy a saddle to fit my little walking horse, Zombie. It has to be all leather, so I can compete in it. I've bought many saddles, but none seem to work on Zombie. If anyone knows of one for sale, let me know. I also have accumulated many saddles in my search to find the right saddle, so if anyone is looking for a saddle, I have enough to start my own saddle shop. I have pics and more info on my current saddles.

Here's a list of some of the saddles I have for sale:

14" black leather/synthetic with matching pad breast collar and sinch. It's a really nice saddle, and just an extra in the horse trailer. I still trail ride in it. $150

16" Buffalo Saddlery black with silver trimming and conchos suede seat. Full Quarter Horse Bars, wide tree. High pommel. Some silver is tarnished, and black is a litle faded in places, but it's a strong pretty saddle. Was my shooting saddle, but doesn't fit Zombie. $300

15" '70s Blue Ridge, U.S.A. made barrel saddle. Really good condition. Thick leather. Kept clean, no damage. Like new. Little darkening of the rawhide horn. Round skirt narrow tree. Probably Quarter Horse bars. Medium to mohogany color. Silver weaving around cantle. I got this saddle to shoot in, but it is too low in the withers for Zombie, but it is a pretty saddle, and really hate to sell it. It is a very nice saddle with a suede seat, and it's techniccally an antique, but you'd never tell it by looking at it. I love the leather quality on this saddle, it's thick, but the saddle is not insanely heavy either. $300

All the saddles have been kept clean. They are not dust eaten or molded in any way. I always keep my saddles clean, even when I don't ride in them much. They all stay dry, and pretty inside the horse trailer.

I can get you more info and pics if you want. I also have other saddles to sell, this is just a summary. Thanks for looking. I need to get some of these saddles out of the trailer.

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I have a hard to fit Walker and after going through many, many saddles, I bought a Big Horn Gaited horse saddle that fits her perfect. It doesn't rub, slip or pinch her anywhere. I haven't tried it but I believe I could mount up without a girth.
Yeah, I had a saddle that I could get on without a girth, but it wasn't really a good thing for this saddle. It actually gave Zombie nerve damage on his back, plus gaping saddle sores, and swollen spots. It was pretty nasty. I couldn't stand it. Zombie is way to special to have a saddle that does this to him. He is such a good horse though. Even though this saddle was doing this to him, he never once acted up on me. He never bucked or refused to do anything, but there was a loss in performance in the shooting arena.
My Wife "Marsha " rides a walker & we have found the "Simco '"A" fork " to be very comfortable for Marsha & Blu.
The fit is well suited for the high withers & offers PLENTY of shoulder movement without getting wobbley!
Have you tried one of the treeless saddles? My friend has one and loves it! I know she researched several different brands. If you want info she is on this site and I will ask.
Blessings, Linda
Hi, I have a spotted saddle horse and my existing saddle is just too wide for him. I was having a hard time finding one that was short enough in length, Little Rock is tall but not very long. Anyway, I found a site by accident that has custom made saddles that are very reasonably priced. The website is www.sycamorecreeksaddles.com. They specialize in gaited horse saddles, particularly paso finos. The company rep lives outside of Nashville. He has some in stock that may work or he can order a custom one for you. This site is awesome and so is Tony. The website will show you how to measure your horses withers if you want a custom one. I went to Tony's house to check out the ones he had. I found one that was black with built in saddle bags on the saddle. I didn't like the saddle bags (made it too heavy) and I didn't like the black color. I was able to get that style saddle without the saddlebags, in the color that I wanted, with a suede seat that I wanted, it comes with tail crupper, breast strap, and trail stirrups, all for less than $700.00. Memory foam in the seat and underneath for the horse's comfort also. I came home and measured Little Rock, took some pictures, and sent it all in an email to Tony exactly what I wanted. It hasn't come in yet (probably within a week or two) but I am sure I will love it. Check it out before you buy something else, he has all styles and it is well worth looking!
ya got anything light that would be good to break 2 yr old gaited colts with?
Hi Lexi, just an update on the saddle I was telling you about that I ordered from Sycamore Creek Saddles. It came in and I picked it up yesterday. I rode in it today and I love it. The workmanship is great, with nice quality leather. It seemed to fit Little Rock very well, even the breast collar, which matches the saddle (on his old one I had to make a lot more holes due to his chest being more narrow than a quarter horse). I did send a measurement of the width of his chest. The only thing I will have to adjust is the tail crupper, I will have to add a hole or two to make it fit correctly. Even the leather cinch (which also matches the saddle) was exactly the same length as my old one, and I didn't even give a measurement for that! I can send you a picture of it if you are interested. Oh, I forgot...you can try it for a week, and if you don't like it, just send it back (I didn't use the cinch or breast collar on my first ride so they would stay clean) and you can order another one or get your money back. Pretty cool deal if you ask me. I got this custom made, to MY specifications, beautiful saddle for as little as many used saddles! I will be posting pictures of Little Rock in his new saddle in the next day or two.
yeah, I would like to see pics of it Adrienne. Thanks a lot.
I tried to download pics I took on my camera, but for some reason my computer isn't recognizing my camera, it just keeps saying to put my card in, and when I put it in nothing happens. If you can give me your email I can send you a pic of it from there. It is really pretty and sooo comfortable! The seat area which is black suede is padded with 1" memory foam, great for long rides. The suede leather helps me stay in the saddle better. I am going riding at Why Not this weekend, that will be the first long ride I will be taking since I picked it up Saturday. I will let you know how it performs.
Hey Lexi, I was able to add the photo of my saddle at work. It is on my member page with the title My new saddle. The black part of the seat is suede, and the whole thing is padded with 1" of memory foam. It came with (included in the price) a matching breast collar, matching girth, a tail crupper, very heavy duty padded trail stirrups that are made so you don't have to turn your saddle fenders (very easy on your knees) and are strong enough that if your horse lays down they wont bend. I had a lighter weight pair of trail stirrups and Little Rock laid down and bent one. I couldn't get my foot into it, luckily we hadn't left the barn yet so I was able to pry it open with tools and go on my trail ride we had planned, but if it had happened on the trail, it would have been bad. I am going this weekend to Why Not to try it out. I will let you know how I like it next week when we get back.
Hey Lexi, I rode in my new saddle last weekend and it was the best! Very comfortable for me and seemed to be for Little Rock, too, the sweat pattern on his back was even and he didn't seem to have any sore spots. The saddle was rigged for 'centerfire' or 'V' rigging, I think I am going to try it with a traditional front and back girth, and also with the crupper, which I haven't used yet, before I decide how I want it rigged. Anyway, I did love it, my knees didn't hurt as much and I felt more secure on the suede seat. I highly recommend this saddle company, especially if you are on a budget!
I just bought this saddle a few days ago. I rode in it for a few hours on the trail, and I have no complaints. Zombie seems to like it too. It doesn't rub him anywhere. It has semi quarter bars in it, so I can ride my saddlebred or my quarter horse in it too. I never really thought I'd like a bear trap, but it is very comfy, and holds you in well around the quick turns and fast take offs in mounted shooting. I originally was looking for a Dakota 750 Walker, but this saddle came up at the tack shop, and caught my eye. It's made by Dakota too.


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