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I recently moved to this area. I love trail riding, but I don't have a truck or trailer. I would be willing to pay part of fuel costs, and I even have a spare gelding you or someone you know could ride, in exchange for transportation to local trails on weekends. I prefer sober rides and don't care to overtax my horses (I don't gallop up and down hill for 8 hours straight), so please keep that in mind if you are considering my offer. I live between Lewisburg and Spring Hill :)

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Good luck finding that type of person, lol.  You sound like you ride about the way I do.  I don't like to poke however.  What kind of horse do you ride?  Gaited or stock?

I have some QH/Arab mutts. I don't mind picking up the speed now and then, but I know people who never give their poor horses a break. I like trail riding to be relaxing, not tiresome.

Laura, what town do you live in?

My address is technically Columbia, but it is closest to Spring Hill. I live on Kedron in the Rally Hill community.


Laura, You live very close to me. I live on Hwy 431, 3 miles on the right past Kedron Road. We mostly have gaited horses, but I do have a Mule that would go with quarter horses. We ride about the way you do, but we mostly ride gaited horses, but some of ours can go like a Quarter horse. I have a mule that can go slow too! Are you new to the area? You can email me at : audrey.rody@hotmail.com We have a large group of ladies who love to ride!!!

I am riding Wed at Laurel Hill. Contact Audry and see if she can pick you up if you want to ride with us. Leaving out at 10am bring lunch and drink. Hope to see you.

Thanks for thinking  of me Linda, but I work during the week :(

Hi Laura,

I'm in the same boat as you except I'm just down a trailer these days. hope you get to ride! :)


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