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Hi All,

I'm new to the group and currently live in Virginia.  DH and I plan to relocate to TN after almost 30 years in Virginia's hunt country.  We currently live in an HOA community with 35 miles of community trails.  I have never owned a truck or a trailer (even thought I've had horses my entire life) and am looking for property in TN with access to trails that I can hack to.  Any suggestion are most welcome.



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Nope.  Spruce Creek is too crowded for me.  You can't have fowl/poultry there and I have 16 chickens.  We were looking for a more secluded place and no HOA/POA type situations. 

Hey, I have just the place for you! I never trailer either--my 38 acre farm has trail access to the lake where there is plenty of shade and water so you can even ride safely in the summertime. Our property is also very secluded.. can't see any other houses from ours. Feel free to contact me, Debbie Ball, 615-417-4623. 


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