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I work in the days till around 2p.m. and I am off on weekends.
I live near fayetteville, and would love to find someone who can ride a few hours or on weekends. The only thing I don't do is put my horse at risk. I don't mind hills etc, but just won't do something to hurt my horse, I trust him, and he trust me.. he is my baby..=)

Thank you and hope ya all had a great weekend.

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Wow, wish I would have met you before I left Fayetteville. I lived there and trail rode around there all of the time. Now I am up in M-boro.
Teri,where do you ride now?where do you swim?
I have a farm on HWY 297 with 10 acres of pasture and run in shelter. I work in New Orleans but just came back here today after spending most of the summer in TN and VA. I would love to ride with you in the Big South Fork. I will let you know when I will be back there (probably late September, early October), if you are interested. I ride alone a lot but have met many nice people on the trails and have friends visiting sometimes.
that would be great, let me know when you get back...have a great trip!
Hi Susanne----If you get your plans firmed up for BSF and would like some company please let me know. I'm recovering from a stroke and riding would be good therapy. I just have to ride as I feel like it, but there is much to be said for camp cooking and campfire comraderie. I'm living in Sparta, about 1 1/2hrs from BSF and was up there for 4 days and 3 nights about 2 months ago. Happy trails.......
Susanne, we moved here from the New Orleans area. My husband ran his company's office there for 15 years. We love it here in Middle Tennessee! He rides also. But, his job here is terrible and he is looking for a better opportunity. Let us know when you are back and riding. Maybe we can meet up. We do not have a trip planned to BSF, we have been there so much we are expanding our riding. We are heading back to Shawnee Oct. 30th. We went last year and really enjoyed it. The distance is the same for us maybe a little less. Go to my page; Linda Grajewski and view my pics from my New Mexico trip the first of Sept. This was my first and I pray a regular trip. It was well worth the 2 days of driving.
Blessings, Linda
Hey Sheryl, I wanted to invite you to come and ride with us Saturday at Catoosa Ridge just outside Crossville. It's a Women On The Edge ride, we don't ever take groups on anything dangerous, just great trails, great fellowship, great fun! check us out! Thanks Cheryl Boren
what time are ya all going to meet? and how much does it cost to ride there?
talk to you soon
My horse is my Baby. I actually have rarely called him anything else. I love a challanging trail but I won't ever put my horse at risk either. Nothing that would break a leg or cut him, or fall down a cliff.

I hope you find someone good to ride with down your way.

Sheryl, I live in Culleoka but love to come your way and ride. I ride 'the walls of Jericho'. That is about as rough as I'll take my boys. They are my buddies and I don't want them hurt either. I ride almost every Saturday somewhere and you are welcome to come. I don't like steep slick hills, so with all this rain we will have to wait and see. We have a couple of places here with old roads through the hills we ride and are just beautiful!
Blessings, Linda


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