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I am looking for people to go riding and camping with.  I have been to several campgrounds in KY and TN.  I ride paints (quarter type), so that means I do ride at a slower gait!!!  I do live in KY, but I enjoy camping and riding anywhere.

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We ride Quarter's also and enjoy the scenery at a slower pace.  Sorry we are not yet up in TN!  We are in FL, so if you get down to the Ocala Nat'l Forest let us know!
Are you all thinking about moving to TN?  I was in Jasper, FL at McCulley Farms in 2009 for a ride.  Had a great time!  If you all are ever up this way, shoot me an email and I will meet you somewhere!!!

Hi, Have you heard of the trail riding club of "Women on the Edge"?  They do quite a bit of camping together, and to join you just buy a T-shirt for about $14.  

We are in the process of building a 6,200 sq ft barn on the Big South Fork with 14 x 14 stalls.  Give us a jingle if you head up this direction, we can go riding.    Sandy


Beth, we will be riding at Bear Branch this weekend.  Come and ride with us.


Gosh, Margaret, wish I had known sooner!!  I have been out with a non-riding friend all week and am just now getting home and checking emails.  Would have really liked to have seen Bear Branch!
I will let you know they next ride!  Have a great 4th and be safe.
Great--can't wait!!  Hope you guys have a good ride and a Happy 4th!
We ride a lot on the Big South Fork Nat'l Park ... we're actually going there this weekend and also like to meet new people with non-gaited horses to ride with!


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