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I am trying to find a good trail horse for a novice rider.  She is 62 and has not riden since she was a child.  Her dream was to own a horse and was sold a green horse that threw her.  She is going to use my horse for lessons but still wants her own horse.  The horse will be boarded in a good facility and well taken care of.  I am trying to find her a gelding with a sane mind.  It does not matter if this horse is registered or not as it will not be shown just trail ridden and loved.  Please contact me if you know of a horse.

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Please check out my web site.  I have several horses that are not listed yet for sale.  Bay/White SSH Gelding and a Blk/White SSH Gelding.  The little Blk/white named "Cash" is an awesome beginners horse.

Check us out!  www.TibbsHorseFarm.myeweb.net


Thanks - And good luck horse searching!

Leighanne, thanks for the info.  I know she is looking for a gelding and looking in the 10 yr range.  Will pass this info on to her though.

I have a 6 year old 50/50 marked up Spotted Saddle Horse gelding that is about 15.1-2 hands tall.  As close to deadhead-beginner horse you can buy.  He loves to just poke along, but will go anywhere you point him.  Has a good slow gait.  As pretty as a Spotted Horse can get.  Pics have not been taken et b/c of the weahter.



Leighanne, whenever you have time please call me @ 931-484-8508 would like to talk to you about this horse.


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