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Ok everyone.  Need some feedback, asap, on a great campground in KY to spend a week.  Anyone have any suggestions?  Any feedback on Rudy's Ranch in Salt Lick, Double J Stables in Mammoth Cave, DbarK in Mammoth Cave?  My friends and I have been trying to get in touch with someone at Rudy's Ranch to no avail.  Want to try KY to get closer to one of our friends who comes from IN.  Thanks in advance for the help! 

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Land Between the lakes (LBL) is hard to beat.  This is a Federal owned and operated park.  Wranglers Campground which caters to horses and riders is one of the finest camps anywhere.  Plenty of huge campsites and lots of easy well marked trails.  They have nice stalls for horses and a bath house for people.  You are on your own as far as food, except for a store/grille, which is open most of the time.  It might not be open during this time of year.  There are restaurants in Cadiz Ky about 12-15 miles away.  Other small towns are nearby for food.  http://www.lbl.org/CAMPWranglers.html
I have been reading some reviews on Horse Trails Directory.  Some said they had bad experiences with drunk, loud, rude neighbors.  I know it can happen anywhere, unfortunately.  Have you experienced anything like this there?  Also, is there any challenges on any of the trails?  We don't like just flat, open, wide trails.  Is there enough riding for a week?   We are looking for somewhere for a possible May trip.  Thanks for your feedback. 
LBL in May would be really nice. The trails are well kept, but I don't recall any being particularly challenging. The campground is large and, if you can find a shady spot, very comfortable. I have been there on a holiday weekend and it was loud, but there were just SO MANY people there that there would be no way to avoid it. I went on a non-holiday weekend, and it was less crowded, but still there was a lot of people. It's a really popular place every weekend from like April - September. My friends and I aren't really hardcore trail riders (we'll saddle up and ride for a few hours, then come back to camp, and then go back out, etc.), and there would be more than enough trails for us for a week.

Red Hill Horse Camp is a nice camp in Eastern KY-


Mammoth Cave area has several camps also.  I've been to D Bar K - but not the others.   Nice pull thru sites and stalls-- no shade.

Not enough riding for a week at Mammoth Cave-- more likely at Red Hill


As far as Wranglers-- I've hear good and bad.  One thing I've found is on holiday weekends -campgrounds lots of times get really "rowdy".  We have been to Mammoth Cave area on a Memorial Day weekend and will never make that mistake again--


I'm not sure where you are coming from- but Deams Lake in Southern Indiana is nice- along with Midwest Trail Ride near Bloomington, IN

Thanks for the info.  I have been to Midwest, but not Deams Lake.  You are right about the holiday weekends.  They can get rowdy pretty much anywhere you go. 
land between the lakes wrangler campgroung in ky.cheap and alot of trails need shoes on horses and please stay out of the lake. horse will sink and almost drownd


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