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Hi all I'm looking for a good, dependable farrier in the Huntingdon, Camden, Tn. area. Someone that will come to my place and work on my horse. I've had really bad luck with farriers for some reason. I've had a couple of them and they were not very dependable. If anyone knows anyone like that it would be nice. They don't necarrily have to be in the the Huntingdon or Camden area. But who is pretty reasonable with their prices. I'm in really desparate need here. If anyone knows of anyone please email me and let me know.


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Hey Katie. Good luck finding one that is dependable! I have had a time in this area, especially if you just want one or two trimmed. Seems like they don't want to come out unless you have 10 to shoe. I have been using an amish farrier for several years and have been extremely pleased. He has just moved, though. They are not all the same. I am now using a younger man in Mckenzie, Jonathan Borntrager, but have only used him once, so can't say much. He did a good job. Trimming is $12, and 4 shoes are $40. You do have to go to him though. There is a farrier in Rosser, I haven't heard much good about. But some swear by him. There is a man in Huntingdon, think his last name is Jordan. If you have anyone in mind, email me. I have tried one that was very rough, and told him to leave half way through! My horses are well behaved.
I've heard of Jonathan Borntrager, I've also heard that he's really good with the horses. All of those Borntragers are. I know that he's got a relative in either Hollow Rock or Rosser that also does horses, Nathan Borntrager. I've been trying to find out where he lives but I can't seem to get the right directions. Once I get my trailer I wouldn't mind hauling to McKenzie. I wouldn't use JORDAN again if he was the last farrier on the face of this earth. He came out trimmed my Walker one time, in between his regular job and did a VERY SHABBY job of it and had the nerve to charge me $30 for it. He scheduled me for another trimming and never showed up or called. I finally got a hold of him, then he lied to me. I wasn't a happy person over that. I also used a lady that works at the Huntingdon Animal Clinic and wasn't happy with her either, but because farrier's are hard to find I was willing to use her again. Her name is Katie Sutton. She was supposed to call me and schedule me an appointment for around the 14th of this month and never called and won't return my phone calls. I had to go in and talk to her and she told me that she would get back to me and never did. That goes for me too. If you find one that you like let me know please. It seems that some people keep their farriers a secret for some reason.

Hmmmmm... I wish i was in your area, I am slow , but I do it for the horses, not the money!
If there is not a farrier finder web page some where there should be! to any web geeks out there...hint hint hint
good luck in your search! try searches for AFA, or BWFA certified farriers.
Thanks Lee I will. Where are you from. I know this one lady that is in my Saddle Club told me about a farrier that she uses. He works for Loretta Lynn at her Ranch and is her farrier. She said that he's good but expensive.

P.S. We are 4 hour drive away...sorry
We are in resaca, Ga. 40 miles south of Chattanooga on i-75
almost moved to Paris, Tn about a year ago
Paris is a beautiful little town. I'm only about 25 minutes from there. I go there almost every week.

well... gotta go to the barn then the vet...coggins time!
let's chat later. it has been a pleasure !
Katie, you may want to go to one of the amish places. The one that shoes in Rosser is on Red williams rd. Turn across from Club Rosser on (I think 219) go about mile or 2, and Red williams Rd is on the right. His place is up a ways on the left. There is a couple barns and a shed right near the road, in a curve, I think he has a sign up. Anyway, you can ask if he would come there, you may have to deive him, just explain your horse needs it bad and you don't have trailer yet. You will have to pick him up, or he may know of someone that will come over.
I know Katie from the animal clinic, and really like her. I haven't used her as a farrier though. We will keep looking.
Thanks Julie. I'm heading toward Huntingdon in a few minutes I'll go check it out. If it's the guy that I'm thinking about he does work for my landlord. I'll let you know.

Katie, I know you want someone to come to your place, but I have had excellent results with my Amish farriers. Mine makes appointments and I schedule 8wks out. Maybe you could share with someone else. Mine is $27/new shoes and I use borum on the front and $15 for re-set. Can't beat the price and they are dependable.
Blessings, Linda Grajewski
I finally found the Amish farrier. My landlord uses him and he's good according to the landlord. He said that this time he would come out to my place if I pick him up which isn't a problem. My new farrier is Nathanel Borntrager and he lives on Red Williams Road. He charges 15 for a trim, don't know about the price of shoes yet. But I'm going to find out when he comes out.



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