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Hi all I'm looking for a good, dependable farrier in the Huntingdon, Camden, Tn. area. Someone that will come to my place and work on my horse. I've had really bad luck with farriers for some reason. I've had a couple of them and they were not very dependable. If anyone knows anyone like that it would be nice. They don't necarrily have to be in the the Huntingdon or Camden area. But who is pretty reasonable with their prices. I'm in really desparate need here. If anyone knows of anyone please email me and let me know.


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Katie you can also try Daniel Edwards, 731-695-0985. I know his brother real well. I have never used him as a farrier, though. Good luck!
Thanks Julie:
I'll keep in mind if Nathanal doesn't work out for me.

I have been very pleased with the amish farriers. They have all been way more gentle than "english" farriers have been, IMO. They are extremely affordable, too.
I've used them too a few different times. My problem is they make me feel uncomfortable when I'm around them, not because they are Amish but because they make me feel like they are looking down their noses at me and I'm not good enough to associate with them. Of course my husband it doesn't bother him in the least. He was raised among the Amish in Pennsylvania. My husband was raised Mennonite.

Hey everybody, I found out yesterday the American Farriers Assn. is having it's convention in Chatt.
John Lyons will be giving a clinic on "Making your horse stand for the farrier", 12:30 - 2:30 eastern.
Marsha & I are headed up there now !
It's @ the Chattanooga convention center. Today is horseowners day, & the last day of the con.
If you see a tall guy with a armor pin on his hat, with a cute short blonde lady... that's us, come on up & say hi!
Katie, I had that feeling too. Once you get to know them, it's not that way at all. I have had some interesting conversations, and believe it or not, they are worried about temptation! That is why they stay to themselves. Also why, if you go in tank top and shorts, the men will not have a thing to do with you! They are very "family first". Start a conversation, you will be surprised. Granted, there are some who may not be as friendly. Working for the ambulance service, we deal with them intimately sometimes, and I am amazed at what faith they have!
Yea I hear you there. There are a few that are pretty nice and will talk to you about their way of life and then there are some that are just plain private. I don't care. I'll talk to them and it's good to learn things. They are good at what they do that's for sure.
Anyone know a good blacksmith near Manchester TN? I'm new to the area and need to find one soon.

Georgia...where is Manchester, we are in Martin......Deb
Hi Deb,
I'm just about 5 miles off exit 105 from interstate 24.. we are 60 miles south of Nashville.
about 30 miles south of Murfreesboro.

Katie...Our farrier is Chris Clark from Water Valley, KY....we are in Martin. I went through 5 farriers before I found Chris, because most did not want to work on our drafts, which is stupid! Then of course we have the mules and jackstock....all will stand very well, so those guys were cutting their noses off to spite their faces. Anyway, I met Chris when we were looking to buy our 18.2hh girls. He was teaching them to stand to get trimmed because they had always been done in stocks. He was VERY patient and kind. When I saw him work I knew that I had found my farrier......I don't know if he would come to Camden, but I can ask him if he knows someone in that area if you like....he will be here Wed. If you want to come meet him, come on over:-) My cell number is 731-514-4068 if you want to call me. Deb Oh, and Chris has tutored under Dr. Rick Redden, the Vet/Farrier that does all the corrective work, so he is very astute when it comes to that as well.
I might do that. Where do you live at?



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