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Looking for a chesnut/sorrel AQHA quarter horse named Unimocol Copy

Hey all,

Please keep your eyes and ears open for a couple of horses for me that I sold and wish I hadn't. The first is a registered AQHA mare named Unimocol Copy. She is still showing in my name on the AQHA records, so the people that bought her from me must not have transferred the papers. I would like to buy her back, or at least know that she is ok.

The next horse is a half-Arabian, half-Lippizan gelding, approx 16.2 hands. Chestnut with four white stockings and a blaze. His name is Pascha and he would be an older horse now. I also would like to buy him back or at least know he's ok. He was purchased by a lady in Fairview years ago and I lost track of them.

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