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Looking for a Broke Walking or Spotted Saddle Horse Gelding or Mare....Reasonable....

If you have a Walking or Spotted Saddle Horse Gelding, Stallion, or Mare for sale please send me a pic and information @ SplashNGal5@aol.com


They have to be pretty, broke, and gentle.  Naturally gaited and reasonably priced upon horse criteria.  I am looking for 2 or 3.



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Hey Leighanne, My friend has a liver chestnut gelding, 7 yrs old, good and broke, just has not been ridden in a while. He moved to NC so he needs to sale, he is asking 700 for him. Pretty horse, keen head and ear.....I would buy him if I had the stalls. I just don't have the room for him. Let me know if you want to look at him, I can get it set up...he has not advertised him yet. 931-224-2457
Hey girl! I would love to see a pic of him...if he is really pretty and a chestnut (pretty chestnut) in color...I might just like to look at him. Hollar at me, if you could get some good pics!!! You can send them to my find too @ 931-993-4858 Thanks!!! Leighanne-
He is the chocolate color....real keen head and ear too. I will try to get a pic of him today or tomarow...
Thanks :)

we are asking $400.oo now
she is not broke , but has great ground manners.
with the right trainer she could be great!

only asking $400.oo now.
not broke , but the savings could send her to a good trainer.
I dont have any for sale but I know of 2 that a man who knows little of horses is trying to get rid of. A papered mare who used to show, 16yrs old, and her 2 yr old stud. I went to look at them yesterday, the mare seems sweet enough but the stud a little skittish and would need a bit of work.


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