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Hi !  


I think I'm going to Laurel Hills near Lawrenceburg this Friday (10/14/11) .  I've never been.  I've heard conflicting reports about it.  I'm NOT a fearless rider.  I can handle Bankhead but not as a steady diet.  East Fork and Sulphur Creek's level of challenge is just perfect for me.  

I understand there are some pretty rugged areas at Laurel Hill. Is it basically like Many Cedars or not as bad ? Are there some areas you can ride that are easier and avoid the bad parts ?  I don't want to drive two hours only to have it too scarey to do.  If I get too many bad reports, I'm going to go to Pine Church Loop at Bankhead instead.

Thanks !

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I have ridden Laurel Hill for two years and it is not for beginners, but OK for intermediate riders. It does have a few steep areas, but give your horse his head and let him navigate it. The spring storms laid down many trees over the trail, but new ones have been made. It is not rocky like Many Cedars and has lots of water which I like for my horse. I say give it a try. I plan to ride there Friday. I will be at the trail head at 10:00. 


Sorry I don't have an answer for you - but where is Sulphur Creek?  I'm in Rutherford Co and always trying to find places besides East Fork.  I've been out of the saddle for a while and want some nice 'middle of the road' trails to get me and my gelding back in trail riding mode.

Heck - where is Bankhead for that matter?

Both are in Alabama.  Sulphur Creek is in Elkmont which is right on the TN/AL border.  The link to it's site on Facebook is:  https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sulphur-Creek-Trails/147249715360449

Bankhead National Forest is next to Moulton.  It is a great place to ride.  A bit on the challenging side for me but pretty good.  I wouldn't do it as a steady diet.  The Google Search websites are  http://www.google.com/search?client=safari&rls=en&q=bankhea...


Happy Trails !  The weather has been GREAT !

Laurel Hill is a great place to ride, Not for beginners, you can get a trail map of the TWRA web site. The southern trail, the one that goes around the edge of the lake has the least amount of storm damage. I would be there this weekend if it wasn't for the ride at Many Cedars this weekend,


I'm finally biting the bullet and am going to do Laurel Hills. I'll report back.

Enjoyed meeting you and showing you the trail at Laurel Hill yesterday. I look forward to riding with you again soon I hope. There is a lot more to see at Laurel Hill.


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