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Howard was taking this picture...

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Gosh - next time you have a work day, let me know.  I don't always look here. I love Laurel Hills !

Sorry, it is hard for me to remember who wants to help. I post here on TTR and usually on facebook. I will try. We do need 1 maybe 2 more workdays there, but we have the trails in much better shape. Have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year!.

Congrats !  I'm glad they're in better shape !  You must have worked miracles.  They were pretty much effected by the tornados !

Merry Christmas !


I had an awesome crew and we worked hard! Only one more to do and it was the least effected.

I'll try to keep alert to this website and FB.  Maybe if you think of it, you can let me know when you're going to work on it again !

Merry Christmas !

Not until after New Year's for sure...


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