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Laurel Hill is closed to trailriding through Oct. 11th, then closed again Oct. 22nd through 25th, again Nov. 13th through 15th, again Nov. 27th through 29th, and finally Dec. 4th through 6th. I would like to say that I appreciate Phillip Smith, the manager of Laurel Hill, for working with trailriders, as well as with hunters and fishermen. I believe that trailriders have as much right to use our public lands as hunters and people that like to fish. I wish we had more help at Yanali and Williamsport Lakes. Yanali is so grown up in places that the horses can't see the trails. Johnny Griggs

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Does this mean that Laurel Hill doesn't close down for the winter? Awesome! We have to get creative to find somewhere to ride during hunting season. I'm writing these dates down. Just waiting on the bees to hibernate.
Johnny, I posted the close dates for Williamsport Lakes and also put in a request for the trails to be mowed. I am asking others who ride at Yanahli or Williamsport lakes to please call the TWRA office in Maury Co. and SWEETLY request this also. Let them know how many taxpayers and senior citizens ride these trails. The number is: 931-840-4042. I believe if they know how much these trails mean to us they will try and help keep them in better shape. But, we have a responsibility to, so not only should we not litter but make it a practice to bring back at least one piece of litter someone else left, ride only on designated trails or roads and use good trail manners.
Blessings, Linda Grajewski
I agree with you Linda about picking up trash. If everyone who used the trails picked up one piece of litter every time they went, it wouldn't be such a problem. The last time we went to Yanali back in the summer, I was very irritated to see one spot where someone had 'taken a break' and left a whole pile of beer cans on the trail! Next time I go I will be taking a small garbage sack with me.
Thanks Adrienne, A few years back we had a garbage pick-up day and loaded my truck up above the cab and another friend's truck, yuck!. This could be avoided if other people would just be responsible but unfortunately there are a few who will not. I am proud to say most trail riders are responsible woodmen/naturalists as well as horsemen. I think TWRA is beginning to see that and appreciate us. Hope to see you on the trail.
Blessings, Linda
Bumping this to the top.
Blessings, Linda
Johnny, Thanks so much for thosee dates. It's about 100 miles round trip for us to trailer there and I hate to go taht far and not get to ride. I remembered the sigh from last year but didn't know the dates. Thanks again.
You're welcome, I have driven there and had to turn around myself. Johnny


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