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Kari K where are the trails at Lake Guntersville? How do you get there, is there a horse camp, etc.?
Thanks, Judy

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I left a comment about this, too. You haven't had a response yet?
No, I haven't heard anything, would still like to know where the trails are.
Take CR 227 out of Guntersville.. You'll go up a mountain and down the other side, maybe 5 miles.. You'll continue probably 2 more miles and past the main entrance to the park on your left.. Just keep going til you come to the lake again. You'll see boat ramps on your left and a small grocery store on the right... Maybe 1/4 mile past the grocery store will be a small sign on the right pointing to the trails... From Guntersville to the trails is probably only 15 miles..

Thanks Virgil for the information
If you don't mind another 20 min. down the road, keep going until you see a 4 way stop sign, then turn right and go to Buck's Pocket State Park,or Morgan's Cove.
Directions: From the intersection of AL Hwy 227 and AL Hwy 62 just north of Guntersville State Park, go 4.4 miles east on Hwy 227. Turn left at the Morgan's Cove Park Sign and go 1.1 miles down the hill to the cove. Get map from MapQuest (new window will open)

GPS Coordinates: N 34.4648, W 86.0918
Get map from MapQuest (new window will open)

Fee: Free

Amenities: Parking, Restrooms, Handicap Access, Hiking, Canoeing, Boat Access, Fishing, Camping, Picnic Area

Contact Info:
ADCNR: Buck’s Pocket State Park
393 County Road 174
Grove Oak, AL 35975
(256) 659-2000

It is very hilly, with rocks going up the mtn, but I like it better then Guntersville.
Thanks Dixie, I appreciate all the info. Hope to ride there soon.
I'm so sorry y'all. I didn't get an email about the posts.
Anyway, I'm glad someone gave you the directions. We met and followed someone in that lives over that way, and I don't really know alot about the area. Thanks, Virgil for the help!


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