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Is anyone going to Circle E for Labor Day Weekend?
I was just curious to see if anyone is going.
if so I'll be there with my group of about ten.
So don't be shy and say hello. :)

Happy Trails,
Kayla Baxter

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Hi Kayla,
Hubby and I are going for the week!! Never been before. We are staying in cabin 4. Hope it's as good as everyone says!!!!!!!

I sure wish I was..I had such a great time there over the 4th, stayed in the bunkhouse.
Hope you all have a great time as well.
They will have DJ & Karokee Saturday night only $5.00 bucks
and that is? DJ = disc jocky, right? and karokee is singin with a sound track I thnk isn't it?

I never did that. Always do my own accompaniment. That way I control the timing and my own tune variations, works better.
Yeah, but not nearly as hilarious!!! LOL
oh that is great. :)
can't wait to meet you!
I'm sure you'll love it up there. we always have a blast.
You might want to stay away from our group because we can get pretty crazy.
we normally have at least one race on foot between the guys on the trail. haha
-oh I'm sure you can't miss us.
my grandparents have a big red trailer (you can't miss it) lol and a purplish dodge. lol
we have a white F350 and gray horse trailer. so come on down and meet us. :)
Me and my posse are going to Why Not on Labor Day weekend. We took too much time trying to get our schedules together and missed getting a cabin at Circle E, but Why Not had a cancellation on 'our' favorite cabin, so that is where we are going. I am taking my new saddle to try out. If anyone from here is going to Why Not, give us a shout...we will be going Saturday and staying at least till Sunday evening. Some may stay till Monday. Yahoo people...Let's ride!
oh too bad you're not coming to Circle E.
but that is great you got your favorite cabin.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
I've never been to Why Not. how is it? we've been looking for a new place to ride.
Have a great ride. :)
Yes, we will be there. We have a driveable camper and a beige 2500 Dodge truck with red bumper pull horse trailer with TN, Williamson County license plates. Hope to see you there.
oh ok.
when will you be getting there?
I'll be looking for you.
can't wait to meet you. :)
Cant wait till friday morning to leave hope to see everyone there
Can't wait to meet you!
we're leaving Friday afternoon and staying til Monday afternoon. :)


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