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I would like more information about trails in and near Maury county TN. I will be back home for a 2 week visit with my horses and hope to do lots of riding. I lived near Hampshire during high school, graduated from Columbia HS, went to college then moved to Iowa. I am looking forward to a nice long visit in early June before heading to East TN to volunteer at my cousin's foster kids camp. I'll have 3 of my horses with me as I will be teaching horsemanship at camp. I would love to make some new friends and see some fun trails in middle Tennessee. I am a careful rider, married for 31 years to a wonderful man, love my dog and my horses as well as my great friends and family. I am so looking forward to riding on the farm near Hampshire and trailering to some new exciting places. I'd love to hear more about Williamsport Lakes, Many Cedars, Laurel Hill, and trails along the Trace. Please email me if you'd like to meet up and ride or have some information to share. I would love to have you over - the family farm near Hampshire is a delightful place to visit! I'm sure cousin Bob wouldn't mind sharing his wonderful "Heaven on Earth"! I don't drink while I ride but do enjoy a cold beer (or two) or a glass of wine on the deck or on the dock at the pond after a good day of riding.

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Sorry I will not be able to meet you this trip and show you our trails. I leave for the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota on June 1. I am working at a free Christian camp for the Native children.  Laurel Hill is one of the most beautiful areas you will ever ride. TTR is a great place to connect with other riders. Go to the TWRA website and follow the maps link to region II. You will find maps for Williamsport, Laurel Hill and Yanahli. I do not recommend Williamsport in the summer, tics and no running water. Laurel Hill is mature hardwoods with lots of shade, and every hollow has a beautiful creek and the Little Buffalo River also. Many many miles of different trails at Laurel Hill. The Trace is also good from Hwy 7 to Garrison Creek on the north end. Enjoy our great area and trails, hope to meet you next time.
Linda, Thank you for the information. I will explore Laurel Hill for sure and will go to Williamsport Lakes if it's cool and will bring water for my horse regardless. I love timber and creek riding so I'm sure I'll like Laurel Hill. I have found some names of people in the Hampshire area that I'm hoping to meet, ride with, and/or get more trail information. Too bad you'll be gone! Maybe next visit! Looks like we're both doing the volunteer thing with horses. The highlight of my summer is working at foster kids camp. This year my college age daughter is helping me with the horse program, and I'm excited to share this "mission" with her. I'm also looking forward to the vacation part of the trip. Hated to spend all that money on gas, hauling those horses (the price is going up as I type - probably a dime a minute!) without having some good riding time. One more question ... I know there are trails at some spots on the Trace, but is it ok to ride those wide grassways where there isn't a horse trail? My cousin's farm is about 3 miles from the Trace (the Tobacco Barn is near the road that leads to the family farm). I'd love to just hop on there and ride a bit. Guess I could try it and see what happens...

The Trace is patrolled regularly. Trail goes from Hwy 50 north to Garrison. My college son is going on our mission trip also. He is going to do soccer with the kids. Pine Ridge is the poorest place in our nation. They had 52 children commit suicide there last summer alone and the youngest was 10. I am teamed with a Pastor on the reservation. He has purchased an 83 ac place for the camp. By God's power and spirit we are hoping to make a positive difference for these children. I am in full time ministry. Please check out my website; www.gaitstoheaven.org. This is a basic site that I set up but I have a new and upgraded one under construction where I will be able to post from the camp for others to see what we are doing. God bless you and your daughter as you work to help those kids this summer also.


Linda, thanks again for your latest reply! I'll be interested to read about your experiences at camp in Pine Ridge. Your website was interesting. I may pass on this information to my sister who lives on the farm in TN and is having trouble with her own mental health issues and also coping with another relative who is an alcoholic. I think we should meet up sometime as we appear to have lots in common - an amazing number of things in common! Gerry


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