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I am in the process of booking some rides for this year.  We want to try out some new places but want some input.  Has anyone out there tried Hungry Horse East in Ivanhoe, Va or Mammoth Cave in KY?  I would like to find a camp for July that would be a bit cooler (is there such a thing?!) so I was looking at VA.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi Nancy - Just wondering if you received my email with the link to the pictures we talked about.

Cindy, don't know if you got my email but I appreciate all of your help.  Looking forward to our trip in June.  Based on other replys, I really want to check out Mammoth Cave too!

We camped at the Mammonth cave horse camp last year. Our bunch had a great time, the host is great. The band and food was awesome. The stables and stalls are made for a horses comfort and are very nice. The trails aren't marked super great. We went mid summer and the trails had very little water due to the dry spell they had. But over all we enjoyed it.  Do not use your GPS use the sites directions as the ferry is closed.


We loved Mammoth Cave Horse Camp, very clean campground and great barn,don't miss out on taking the McCoy Hollow trail, maybe the best trail I've ever ridden,serious riders only!

We did not ride the McCoy Hollow trail... We were there  last fall some riders thought it was closed... others said their was a couple extremly dangerous places that they would not ride it.  What do you think...


We didn't consider the McCoy Hollow trail dangerous at all, its very senic along a high ridge beside the Green River. We talked to an old timer who grew up riding the area,he told us he rides the trail at least once a year. Some of the trail is a single path that you will have to take your time but not what I would consider to be dangerous. Just make sure you get an early start, it took us about 8 hours to complete.


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