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I'm a columnist for a Trailblazer Magazine and am working on a piece for an upcoming Halloween edition.

With that in mind I'm looking for public access riding areas that:

1 - Are rumored to be haunted


2 - Host great halloween rides


Hoping that someone here can help out on this.


All the best,





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 Hey Robert,

 I have been to several places for Halloween trail riding parties, Loretta Lynn's has a great Halloween ride, First a trail ride, followed by a haunted hay ride. Then the costume party is really really great, they have a costume contest with great prizes. But one of the biggest memories that I have from there is: A guy said that we would start the day early and he would see us then. Well he was not joking, at 5:30 the alarm clock went off. The music through out the whole campground was so loud that it rocked our trailer. Needless to say it was a trip worth doing over and over again.



Timber Ridge Horse Campground had an awsome Halloween last year and plans another this year.  We are rated the number one horse campground in the Nation by those that camp with us which is another reason you should consider us!  We have a great costume contest and Bonfire afterwards.  The trails are publeic access and their is a cemetery trail as well.  Visit our website for some photos of last years Halloween.  www.timberridgehorsecampground.com
Thank you both for your info. However I'm more looking for information on public lands such as national forest, state park, national parks etc.

We are adjacent to the Big South Fork and that is the National Recreation Area and one of the cemetery trails is in the Park!!


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