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I have a 10 yo beautiful WH gelding that has navicular in one of his front feet that can no longer be ridden but is otherwise very healthy.  I'm looking to place him with someone who needs a buddy horse or just has land and wants an equine pet.  For his well being he CAN NO LONGER BE RIDDEN.  He has been doing fine, no limping, on wedges in front and trimmed in back. He is a wonderful and beautiful horse.  If you would be interested please contact me.  It must only be a good home where he will not be ridden.

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He's too young to retire. are you interested in possible cure?
Of course... This horse is the best equine partner ever! What can you tell me?
I am at least 90% convinced this will eliminate that problem. In order to be 100% convinced I'd have to see it happen.

two feed supplements.

Power Horse. and Soft Rock Phosphate. They work nicely together to rebuild bone and tissue.

The Soft Rock Phosphate would do it by itself, but The Power Horse supplement would speed it up.

The SRP provides the minerals for the body to build bone with and the other one provides more minerals and helps the body use those minerals better.

You would have to order the Power Horse Minerals, one source http://www.laminitis911.com/

I can supply the Soft Rock Phosphate. (trade name of Calphos) I would donate 50 lb just to see if it would work.

If you want to try it we could get together somewhere and get a bag to you. A half cup per feeding would be enough. maybe not that much. It's just a clay powder. I have heard of people taking it and having their teeth cavitys grow back in. A Texas beef farmer used it on his fields and after awile his cows were getting real healthy and their bones were exceptionally hard.

I have seen Calphos sold for a high price in buckets for a feed supplement, but it's mostly used for organic farming soil mineralizing, Actually the best way to get it is through the plant growing on it, but that's only posible if we use it in quantity and grow our own horse food on it.

Anyway, Where are ya at? I'm at Spencer TN. What are the logistics of getting some of this stuff to ya? The only trip I'm planning right now is up to big south fork to go riding again, maybe next weekend. I really enjoyed that.
I'm in Hohenwald TN. Tell me where and when to meet you.
That's 120-130 miles. I am around 100 mi east of Columbia. No plans to go that way for any other reason, but how about meeting at Bedford Tack store at some predetermined time, that's about the halfway point. I could drive that far just for the excuse to look around. When would be convenient for you? I work in the woods and around the farm, nobody tells me when to be where most of the time so I can go most any time. (during the day on a week day so the store will be open)
I can do that probably next week! I'll let you know when I can better pin down a day. Thanks... I'm really excited and very grateful.
Linda, please keep all of us posted on how your horse does. Wishing you the best results possible. Denise
Thanks Denise, I will. I'm almost scared to get my hopes up again. It's been a traumatic experience for sure. Keep us in your prayers!... Linda
My family has been interested in and studied natural healing for basically our whole lifetime, really got serious with it about 30 years ago. We learned from several of the most experienced natural healing professionals, and dug into it from every direction possible. There was a Dr Northern back in the first half of the last century, who quit being a medical doctor and went into agriculture because he decided he could do more good for people's health by promoting soil mineralizing. He discovered just about every disease known has for it's root cause malnutrition. Specifically mineral malnutrition. Even though the normal medical field can't seem to see it. Probably because it's the cause behind the obvious cause. He's the one who hired Dr Reams to do testing on soft rock phosphate and discovered how good it was for creating plant and animal health. It's actually a by product of hard rock phosphate mining being the dust that's washed off the hard rock and run into settling ponds. It's coloidal, meaning it's a super fine dust. It makes everything I grow on it sweeter.

Then there was a Dr Christopher, who made the statement, "There is no such thing as an incurable disease, However there are incurable people" Meaning some people just won't follow instructions. Or they arn't willing to do what it takes to be cured of whatever they have. And He had proved it in his practice, pulling back from the brink of the grave and curing many people with practically every deadly disease known to man.
I have read somewhere long time ago of a case of navicular in a horse being cured by natural means, I don't remember where I read it or what was used. But I've always wanted to try it. And based on accumulated info over the last 30 years I think I have a purty good idea how to go about it. Besides the mineral supplements there are several herbs that would help. We might try some of that too. One significant one is comfrey root powder, a cell proliferant, speeds healing and rebuilding, especially of bones. around $10 a lb at herb supply companies.

Our soils are far more deprived of minerals than anyone realizes, when the soil dosn't have it the plants can get it, and consequently we and our animals suffer more or less severely. The incidence of tooth cavities in our own mouths is a big indicator.

I also would love to try curing a case of EIA, but I don't know where to find one.
Linda, have you considered Natural Barefoot trimming? Check out my website: www.barefootfoothorses.net. There is an entire section on curing navicular. It explains why the wedge pads will only make the problem worse. I am sadly too far away to be of any physical help, but maybe Jim or Joe or Jennifer could help you? (Are you guys out there reading this?? lol). I can get you their numbers if you are interested.
Nora's site is actually www.barefoothorses.net
Lol... thanks Dawn. I don't know how I didn't notice that? :)


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