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I need someone who can make something for me, from the mane hair I saved from Jim.

I am missing him so much, need something to keep him close to me.


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There was a woman at Long C Trails a month or so ago who made bracelets from horse hair.  I'm sorry I do not know her name, but you may want to give Jack at Long C a call and ask him if he knows who she is and how to get in contact with her.
The girl that does it is named Toni - she is the daughter of Jackie Allen who is a member on TTR - maybe you could contact her that way. She does beautiful work.

It is my daughter,and she would love to make you something but the mane is very different hair and most of the time you can't use it because it breaks.

she said to e-mail her and she'd talk to you.her e-mail is grdlol@yahoo.com

I know someone who makes wonderful pottery called horse hair pottery.  She is on this site, anyway she lives in the Chapel Hill area, where do you live?  She makes different pottery pieces, then she fires it in a kiln.  You can't actually still see the hair but you can see the hair marks in the pottery, it's cool stuff.  Also, my husband is good at making little things, what would you like to have exactly?  He has made me a feather wrapped in horse hair from my horse and I have it stuck in one of my cowboy hats.



Sheryl, I am an artist that creates custom horse hair pottery as well as custom horse hair bracelets. I have been creating memorial pieces for about 15 years. If you would like to see my work, my website is Fromearthtoart.org

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

I'm so sorry for your loss.


From Earth to Art - Horse Hair Pottery



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