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im 14 and ive been riding horses for 5 years and ive just now got a really good trail riding horse...the problem is that my family isnt very horsey people and i need a trailk group i can go with.i can travel mostly anywhere in tennessee exept the very far west tennessee.i might need to borrow a trailer sometimes as the trailer i have now.i dont really know if it will work or not.i have a gaited tn walker mare that i would want to go trail riding with and a non gaited tn walker mix mare that i would like to start trail riding with.if any one needs an extra trail riding person then message me!!!thnx

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Chelsie, where do you live?
i live in maryville tennessee
Chelsie, we live in Kingston, Tn, but seldom ride in the Smoky Mts. We prefer Big South Fork. But if we ever come in that direction, you would be more than welcome to ride with us. We have a four horse trailer.
Hi Chelsie! I live in Sparta. I'm a retired special education teacher. If you can ever get over my way, I'd be happy to ride with you. Hopefully you'll be able to find someone closer. There is a possibility I can get over your way sometime if you can suggest a trail site. Suggestion---You can do a member search by city or county to possibly approach someone closer to where you live. Live your dream!!!! God bless and happy trails, Mary
hi chelsie as soon as i find a horse for my fourteen year old daughter to trail ride and purchase a trailer soon i will let you know and maybe we can go ride. i live in west knoxville
What kind of a horse are you looking for and what kind of rider is your daughter?
Hi--I have several horses to choose from with all levels of training. I'm more interested in placeing some of them in good homes than what amount they sell for. Let me know if you'd like to chat.
Where are you located? Don't you have any friends in 4-H that has horses? And likes to trail ride? That is what I would do it would be safer than going with a bunch of adults. Your parent and you should find you a 4-H group & Extention Agent they will know more horse people in your town. Then build on your friendship with them, I think it would be more fun than bunch old adults. Find some that shows walking horse and look at all info about walking horses. And don't worry riding with trotter horses, they can keep up with you. I ride with the trotten horses, and some times mine will trot with them. Just enjoy riding with people you know. Who cares what breed they are riding It's a horse! Have fun. Lucy
I'm 15. My parents aren't horsie either, LOL. I'm on Monteagle Mountain, if your ever up this way - your welcome to join me. Almost all my riding is done on the trails around here. Lots of trails. I'm always looking for a buddy to go riding with! It's alot more fun than going alone.


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