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Okay I will be 15 next month and when I ride my spotted saddle horse Nauta,or any other horse,for the matter,I have to wear this hot,uncomfortable helmet.I have been riding for just about 5 years now and many of the people I ride with have personally seen me improve tremendously.My best friend who is almost 13,has been told that when she does turn 13,she will not have to wear her helmet anymore.So my question is,if I can almost legally drive a car,should i not be able to choose if I want to wear a helmet or no?Please,if you will,respond to my question because I need some positive feedback to help my case.

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Well thank you everybody I see now why my parents made this very smart descision for me.I really appreciate all of the feedback,it gave me a lot to think about and i think i will definitely want to wear a helmet so i dont get brain damage.
You sound like a very intelligent girl! I am 54 and always wear my helmet, even though I am very often the only one around who is wearing one. It only takes a second to die or be brain damaged
I'm 52 and got bucked off five years ago at a trail ride when a bunch of guys went running up the hill in the middle of our group. I hit the only huge rock in the pasture with my head. Thankfully it cracked my helmet instead of my skull. You never know when somethng will happen. Protect your brain.


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