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I have five great horses and one rider. I need to sell a mare that I don't ride. I've had her posted on equine.com, have an ad on this site, and put up flyers around town. I've heard some people take horses to a sale, but I don't know anything about sales.

Apparently I'm a lot better at buying horses than selling them. Advice needed.

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craigslist.com, horseclicks.com, horsetopia.com, wksr.com, wdxe.com, golsn.com

I have sold horses on all of these websites. Some take longer than others, but it is all in how well you present your horse, how many good attributes it has, how high you price your horse, etc.

I would NOT take her to the sale unless you absolutely can not sell her. you definately can make more money on the internet & she may end up in the slaughter house if you take her. You never know.

Email me if I can help you. I have sold horses for friends also. Good luck
You can post your horse for sale on Tennessee Trail Riders CLASSIFIEDS, click on CLASSIFIEDS in the main menu. Posting your horse there will get it viewed by over 20 people per day. The ads that are viewed the most include pictures...they are very important.
Thanks Mike! I did that about a month ago. I'm the one that couldn't get the pedigree information to take. Thanks anyway.
Cyndy Dunning
Hazel Green

PS I think my location is not helpful. I am surrounded by Quarter Horse people. This is not a "gaited community" :>)
I think equine.com is your best place.. I don't know what you are asking for her, but right now with the market the way it is if people think prices are too high they won't even look at them because there are a lot of good ones going CHEAP! Also, lots of people don't like mares (I'm one of them), or better yet it's not I don't like them I just prefer a gelding. I've had and bred mares, and would rather not deal with the mare issues that they can have. I agree I wouldn't take one to a sale unless you had to, I've done that once - won't do it again. You get nothing and they make the money basically, and you never know who is buying.
I have her listed for $700. Guess I'll nix the sale idea. Thanks for replying.
If you will email me, I can probably help you. I have 4 mares and 1 gelding , and the gelding is a pain in the butt! I think it all depends on the horse. all geldings are not good and all mares are not bad. Just like people.....


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