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How do you keep outside water tanks that have no electricity from freezing?

What are your suggestions?

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Can you run an extension cord?
It is about 500 feet from electricity. Would prefer not to use extension cords.
most tank heaters have a caution not to use with extension cords
hey robert i use a axe handle....lol
Yea Greg the ole axe handle does work well but the chucks of ice build up after days of sub freezing weather.
Body of water + subfreezing temperatures = ice. Alternative is to run a water line underground to a "as needed" watering device such as a "Ritchie" brand watering station.
Here's where someone built a solor heated tank for in Upper Michigan. http://www.builditsolar.com/Projects/WaterHeating/FreedomStockTank/...
Or you could buy one for $500!
This is what I do. Take a Gallon milk jug or half gallon jug tie a line to the handle with a weight on the end of the line. Sort of like jug fishing. The weight keeps the horses from knocking it out of the tank. The wind moves the empty jug around and the floating jug keeps the tank from freezing solid on top.
Not a bad idea Lorrie. I never thought of something like that.
could build a cedar wood box around the tank, fill with sawdust between box and tank. Then perhaps float a piece of foam on top the water with a hole for them to drink from. But when it gets really cold and stays there awhile the hole would freeze over and then you might be breaking the foam along with the ice, but that might take more cold than we get in TN. And the ice would be thinner and much slower to form with only a small hole for the cold air to work on chilling the water.
I have frost proof faucets next to the water tubs and just break the ice dump it out and refill.
Well I tried this before the snow and it did not work for me.
What some interesting ideas. Going to have to try some of these myself. Just one reason I love TTR!


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