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I have a filly that has them bad all around her nose and mouth. We have had them before on other horses and they go away on their own. I know there is usually no harm in this but they look really bad and I was just trying to see if i could find a quicker way to get rid of them. The vet said to use castor oil. Does anyone else have any other suggestions? Yes, I am keeping her seperated from the other horses.....Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! thanks

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Hi Jennifer, try rubbing a good amount of castor oil on them a couple times a day. It seems to smother the warts, They will go away after some time on their own.
The warts are caused by a virus. Once they have them, they usually accuire an immunity and do not get them again. No need to feed them to the horse, since they are exposed by having them. They usually go away on their own with no treatment. In fact some of the treatments can cause scarring.
A fellow I ride with was just telling me that he was told to use cheap toothpaste. Thought they were pulling his leg but he gave it a try and he says it worked.
Caster oil.rub warts daily till gone.
yep castor oil,,its always been the old time remedy,,almost always works,,an yes warts are a virus ,thats why when you break one it bleeds an generaly starts the immune system goin,,the old sayin that they need to eat them came from the horses scaping them off while eating ,they thought that was part of the cure ,,when actually it was just scraping them an making them bleed,,an the vets have a shot that will aid in the removal of warts,,,dont know if its the castor oil,or the softing of them that works ,but its been working for me for the last 30 years
HI We had a young rescue colt that had warts on his nose and muzzle when we got him. Our vet said when his immune system got stronger they would go away on their own. Changed him to Nutrena Feed and they went away in about three weeks. Also, purchased warts off from Country Supply Magazine, not sure if it worked as well as the nutrition part. Good Luck!!
Thank you for all the answers. They did however go away on their own. There does not seem to be any quick fix for them. You just have to wait it out.
castor oil works! a few years ago i had a horse develop a patch of warts on his muzzle, i put a coat of castor oil on it twice daily for 2 weeks and the warts simply fell off! no scars, no pain they just fell right off.
Crest Toothpaste works OK!!
Put motor oil on the warts and they'll be gone in 30 days. If you don't do anything it'll take a full month.
They usually go away on their own in 2 to 5 weeks. You can treat them, and they still go away within 2 to 5 weeks lol.
I had a white/palamino horse with a big wart, in his ear, had it cut out and it came back. They thought it was a benign sarcoma. Then I read on the internet to put tooth paste on it. Must be crest, mint flavored. So, I actually used a sample my dentist gave me. Put the crest on real heavy covered the entire wart and base of the wart, waited about 2 days put it on again. The next day the wart, ruptured and bled a lot, kinda scared me. But then it was gone. I put the toothpast on the spot where it was once more. Guess what it never came back.. Now this was a very large wart. Might be worth trying on a couple of your to see what happens. I think the tooth paste cuts off the air which the virus must have to grow and spread...
Disclaimer-- as we always say at Vandy-- Now I am not a doctor or a vet in this case..


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