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Does anyone know a good trainer and teacher for me and my horse close to Chattanooga? I trail ride regularly, but my horse needs more ground manners, respecting the reins, body language, etc. I don't have the knowledge to train and I would also have to learn along with him. Thanks,

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Hi Judy--Bambi and Pete Dillingham are members of this site. I was interested in having a young horse started and was invited to observe a training session. I was very impressed with Pete's effectiveness. I was more impressed with the patient and natural horsemanship methods he used. After having talked with him at length, I felt totally comfortable about turning my baby over to him when the time comes. His location might be beneficial for you as well. He's located in Van Buren county near the White county line and just off Hwy. 111. He also is open to working with you and with your horse together. From my observation I think you should check him out. Happy trails!
Thanks Mary. Are they near Sparta? I will try to find the Dillinghams on the membership lists.
Thanks again,

I live in Ooltewah and would be glad to direct you to several people in this area that might be able to help you and your horse. You can give me a call at (423)344-5526.



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