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We just purchased a 2006 Featherlite 4 horse trailer.  It has a large dressing area and I would like to have living quarters installed.  Does anyone know someone who does this after market?

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I can do it. I have done a few and I used to work at a tour bus company. I have been a carpenter for 27 years. I make cabinets, have pictures of my work and carry insurance.


Chris Murphy

All kinds of Carpentry 615-688-0068

I would love to see some pictures.  My direct email is: tnlandhomes@bledsoe.net.  I believe it has a 7ft. short wall.  I will measure to be sure.  We are just getting started on the traveling to trail ride and camp circuit.  So honestly I don't really know what we need.


What part of TN are you located in? What would you need to give me an estimate?





My Husband does and has references.  Where are you located? We're in Manchester, Tn.



I'm in Dunlap, probably about an hour from Manchester.  I got an estimate from trimboys in Shelbyville, but it was more than I can afford, they estimated between five and seven thousand.  We already have heat and air installed and some electrical.  I would like to have a fridge, microwave, sink and cabinets installed and some flooring.  Just make it comforatble.  Do you think that is possbile for less that what I was quoted?  Do you have any pictures you could send?  My email is tnlandhomes@bledsoe.net.




Sure this is Rob Rookers trailer after it was completed, Sorry I have no before pictures when was the bare medal walls.  I'm sure we could talk Greg into stepping into to his trailer and taking a few pictures for you.  I have done a few others also. I am emailing pictures to the email listed above.

Thanks, Patrick

How can I get in touch with you? I need a dressing room converted too!
connie,pat done my trailer and rob rookers and done a fantastic job.


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